Our Mixed-use design is about striving to design for the “threaded environment”.  This emphasis on the “threaded environment” always leads to creative and layered solutions for today’s end user.  Although, mixed-use projects have been around for years they only recently have developed in complexity as the users have become more sophisticated in their desired needs.  Our primary objective is creating a user friendly environment while supporting the various components.  Bottom line, we understand that mixed-use projects are like Salads; you need to have the right ingredients to make them work.

As design solutions evolve into more complex mixed-use developments, i.e. “Threaded Environments”, Liquid Design is working with their clients to ensure that the facilities will meet their users’ needs and desires.

People want to work, play, shop, and live in stimulating complex mixed-use environments; Liquid Design strives to deliver solutions for this sophisticated user.

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