Mike Lee Standley

Mike began his career as an architect working in Chicago, the birthplace of a true international style and has honed that influence into a shared practice that specializes in contemporary solutions.  A sculptor at heart, the expression of unique space and volumes comes naturally and is easily distinguishable. Sustainability and modern design complement each other in his work and have helped elevate Liquid Design as a leader in today’s contemporary practice.

Mike has extensive experience in Mixed-Use and Adaptive Reuse project that includes Masterplanning, Multi-Family, Recreational, Institutional, Commercial, Retail and his favorite Residential.

“I was told at an early stage in my career that architects provided a service, not a product and I needed to accept that.  I disagree! Architecture is the pursuit of the perfect blend of art and science, a manipulation of environment and materials in an aesthetically pleasing way. Service may be the conduit but a great product is the only way to achieve true client satisfaction.”

architecture • interior design • planning • project management