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By listening to our clients, we gain an understanding of the goals and requirements unique to each project. Our firm’s portfolio is full of projects that adhere to a strict design budget, are built & operate efficiently, and are user-friendly, as well as, flexible to changing future trends. Liquid design is more than a company; we are integral to the clients we serve. We offer a range of design services, including:

  1. Architecture: Creating innovative and functional architectural designs that align with client goals and project requirements.
  2. Interior Design: Crafting captivating and cohesive interior spaces, selecting materials, finishes, furniture, and lighting to enhance aesthetics and functionality.
  3. Planning / Masterplanning: Developing comprehensive plans and strategies for land use, urban design, and sustainable development to shape vibrant communities.
  4. Feasibility Studies: Conducting in-depth assessments to evaluate the viability and potential of a project, considering economic, environmental, and regulatory factors.
  5. Concept Development: Translating client visions into tangible design concepts, exploring different ideas and options to establish a clear direction.
  6. 3D Visualization: Creating realistic and immersive visual representations of designs, enabling clients to better understand and visualize the final outcome.
  7. Sustainability Design: Integrating sustainable practices into design strategies, optimizing energy efficiency, and reducing environmental impact.
  8. Building Information Modeling (BIM): Utilizing advanced digital modeling tools to create detailed 3D models that enhance coordination and collaboration among project stakeholders.
  9. Accessibility Design: Incorporating universal design principles to ensure that spaces are accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities.
  10. Construction Documentation: Preparing thorough and accurate construction drawings and specifications, ensuring smooth execution of the design intent during construction.
  11. Construction Administration: Overseeing the construction process, ensuring efficient project execution, and ensuring that the contractor builds within the design intent.

Through these comprehensive design services, we aim to provide holistic and integrated solutions that meet client objectives, enhance user experiences, and create lasting, impactful spaces.

In addition to the previously mentioned design services, Liquid Design would also like to recommend the following 4 specialties that should not be undervalued or overlooked:

  1. Integrated Project Management / Owner’s Representation: Overseeing the entire design and construction process, ensuring efficient project execution, design coordination, cost control, and timely delivery.
  2. Integrated Landscape Design: Creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that harmonize with the surrounding environment, incorporating elements such as hardscaping, planting, and site amenities.
  3. Integrated Lighting Design: Designing customized lighting solutions that enhance the ambiance, functionality, and visual appeal of interior and exterior spaces.
  4. Sustainable Design Consulting: Providing expertise and guidance on sustainable design strategies, energy efficiency, renewable technologies, and green building certifications.

These additional design services further enrich the overall design process and contribute to creating holistic and well-integrated environments that prioritize aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.


We work across diverse design sectors, including:

  1. Office / Commercial Architecture: Crafting functional and inspiring workspaces that enhance productivity and reflect a company’s identity.
  2. Retail Architecture: Creating engaging and experiential environments for retail establishments, optimizing customer flow and visual appeal.
  3. Lifestyle Mixed-Use Architecture: Integrating residential, commercial, and recreational spaces to foster vibrant communities and enhance quality of life.
  4. Active Lifestyle Mixed-Use Architecture: Designing dynamic spaces that promote wellness, fitness, and an engaged active lifestyle, often combining residential, retail, and recreational elements that are focused on the outdoors.
  5. Single-Family Residential Architecture: Tailoring unique homes that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and personal preferences for individual homeowners.
  6. Multi-Family Residential Architecture: Crafting efficient and comfortable living spaces within multi-unit residential buildings, focusing on community and livability.
  7. Recreational Architecture: Designing recreational facilities such as sports complexes, community centers, and entertainment venues that facilitate leisure and social engagement.
  8. Planning / Masterplanning Design: Shaping comprehensive and sustainable development plans, optimizing land use, transportation, infrastructure, and community needs.
  9. Adaptive Reuse Architecture: Transforming existing structures or repurposing buildings for new uses, breathing new life into historic or underutilized spaces.
  10. Sustainable Design: Infusing environmental considerations into all sectors, utilizing renewable energy, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable materials to create environmentally responsible buildings and spaces.
Aerial view of a large resort complex at night, surrounded by lush greenery and bordered by a body of water. The well-lit buildings are arranged in an organized manner, with a winding pathway connecting various structures, including a large swimming pool area and top-tier services.


Early in 2008, we recognized that we were offering so many different green design methods to our clients that they seemed overwhelmed by the process. So we implemented a program that would help simplify our green design methods. We placed them all into one of seven particular categories, gave them a recognizable icon, and bundled our whole green process into what we now call Liqued Design’s, “Earth-Green Design Solutions.”

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