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            [description] => Liquid Design's commercial design solutions are focused on the client's needs and business objectives.  We understand the development process and leverage this knowledge with each project.  We strive for a high level of design quality to maximize the client's corporate brand through the expression of the built environment.

Throughout the design process we leverage our experience, stay focused on the project schedule and budget while providing an unparalleled level of collaboration.  Simply put; we are a trusted partner in creating built environments.
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Deep Water Solo is a one of a kind climbing experience. Located at the US National Whitewater Center, Deep Water Solo is an invention of an extreme activity like no other. With 5 climbing walls overhanging a 850,000 gallon pool, it is designed to push all climbers and thrill seekers to their limit no matter ones experience level. It's not everyday you can attempt to climb a 45' wall only to then free fall into a body of water below.

architecture • interior design • planning • project management