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            [description] => Liquid Design's custom residential design is created on a highly personal level.  We understand the design criteria is set by the owner's expectations for how they envision a life lived experiencing the built environment. We achieve dynamic and uniquely creative design solutions through the use of material, finishes, strong design concepts, and precise detailing.  The culmination of form, scale, material use, and framed views allows us to master storytelling through the medium of architecture.

The primary goal is to express our client's lifestyle through architecture.

Liquid Design's years of creative design solutions and lessons learned, has given us an extensive experience and visceral understanding for elevated living within a built environment; dynamic spaces for unique experiences. Liquid Design has an unparalleled network of vendors, manufacturers, consultants, and contractors who help formalize our unique architectural concepts into a custom living environment.
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Whitehaus, Fort Mill, South Carolina

This 8,500 SF custom designed single family home nestled on a 3-acre wooded site is on Lake Wylie, SC. The client has requested a modern design solution that will generate a modern beacon for passing boats. Sitting high on a seawall cliff the abundance of glass is designed to capture a wide range of views. Given the directive not to use any wood, unless sculptural, the large open interior spaces are a clean lined modern design solution with a range of textured finishes and tiles.

architecture • interior design • planning • project management